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Team Overbot's recruiting posters

The ultimate road trip

"Road Trip"

Artist's conception of a dirt road, somewhere in the Mojave Desert

Build a serious robot vehicle


Snippets of the real technology behind Team Overbot.

Previous posters

Technical documents

Technology developed as part of this project. After the race, more technology will be released.

Initial date
DARPA-required technical paper John Nagle September 22, 2003
devfw-ohci - manual page for FireWire camera driver John Nagle April 22, 2003

Also see our publicly available code archive.

Rules changes

The rules to this competition changed several times.
We are archiving DARPA's various versions here for reference.

Late 2002

Original Rules (HTML)
Original Rules (MS WORD)

Google cache.
14 FEB 2003 Pre-conference rules DARPA web site
24 FEB 2003 Posted immediately after conference DARPA web site
1 APR 2003 First version of "final" rules. DARPA web site

Maps of the route

Maps of the permitted routes for the Grand Challenge have been released.
Data from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management office in Barstow, CA.

1 JAN 2004

Alternative routes considered (PDF)

BLM web site
1 JAN 2004
Route map from BLM

Route map

Distance between waypoints
< 150 feet
150-300 ft.
301-500 ft.
501-1000 ft.
> 1000 ft.

Click on the image for the entire map.

BLM web site

Web sites of other teams

DARPA's team list now links to team web sites, so we are no longer providing a list.


EE380, Stanford, September 2003 Flash OpenOffice Impress
AI Lab, Stanford, October 2004 Flash OpenOffice Impress

Vendor pages

Vendor-specific pages are for communication with vendors over technical issues, in situations where we need to provide more detail than can conveniently be handled in e-mail.