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Prize distribution

Celia Oakley
Last revised July 8, 2003.

Here's a summary of what we decided June 5, 2003 regarding the distribution of the prize money (if) when we win it.

Team Overbot Prize Distribution
Hours Contributed
Number of Shares Allotted
Full Member
>= 1,000
one full share
Associate Member
>= 200
one-tenth share
Advisory Member
>= 40
zero shares

Starting June 4th, example minimum commitments would be:

  • Full Member: 25 hours/week for 40 weeks
  • Associate Member: 5 hrs/week for 40 weeks or 20 hrs/week for 2-1/2 months
  • Advisory Member: read e-mails, frequent meetings, give advice now and then

All persons in each category would be considered members of Team Overbot. All members of Team Overbot would be listed as part of the Team for press purposes, and such.

As Team Leader, John Nagle would be able to distribute 10% of the prize money at his discretion following the race (e.g., evenly distribute it between all Team Members, decide on how to distribute it with the Full Members, acknowledge Advisory Members with particularly significant contributions, or otherwise). This could be considered a Bonus Fund. Shutdown expenses are being reserved in the overall project budget, but if necessary, some of this fund may be used for that purpose.

The distribution of the prize money would be as follows: -

numberOfShares = numberOfFulls * 1 + numberOfAssociates * 1/10

valuePerShare = ($1,000,000-$100,000)/numberOfShares

yourTake = numberOfSharesAllocatedToYou * valuePerShare + fractionOfDiscretionaryFundAllocatedToYou

Standing meetings will be held each week at Team Overbot headquarters: one for Full Members (probably 11am Monday), one for Team Members (probably 12 noon Monday).