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Note #22
Lincoln Laser polygonal scanning mirrors

John Nagle
Last revised May 2, 2003.

Ordering data for polygon scanners

Lincoln Laser makes rotating polygon scanning mirrors and assemblies. That's their main business. We plan to put together a laser rangefinder using Acuity Research electronics and a Lincoln Laser scanner.

Here are their options.

Polygon scan mirror worksheet - mirror dimensions


Sample mirror specifications for our mirror

These are not the numbers we want to use,
but are illustrative values generated by the Lincoln sales rep.

Section 1 - Mechanical specifications

Illustrative dimensions only.

We need an 6-face prism, with maybe 4 square inches of face area. Bob Clark is working on determining the needed face area. 6 faces at 4 square inches each is no problem mechanically, although the device is rather bulky.

Section 2 - Optical specifications

Bob Clark, please confirm these are OK.

Section 3 - Physical specifications

Vertical, mirror up - probably.

Section 4 - Estimated information

We're well within the strength limits for the material. This is an aluminum mirror.




Lincoln Laser's biggest stock scanner assembly

Can we use this, or will we need a bigger, custom job?